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Oct 16, 2018


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How One Traveler Became a Loyal Travel Agent Client

How One Traveler Became a Loyal Travel Agent Client Photo: Shutterstock.com. As travel agents refine their niches, build their websites, and participate in social media, they should keep Heather Speizman in mind. While Speizman will use online travel agencies (OTAs) for simple trips, she has been a loyal, repeat customer of Hermes Travel, in Astoria, New York, since a 2014 honeymoon, and now regularly recommends Hermes Travel to her friends and family. Her travel history and preferences, how she reconnected with high school classmate and travel agent Anastasia Damianeas, and how Damianeas and Hermes Travel cares for Speizman when she travels, are instructive for all agents looking to fill their customer database with loyal, repeat customers. This client/agent relationship shows first off how to attract the right kind of customer, especially those who regularly use OTAs. I am very web savvy, so I had never used a travel agent before. I always booked direct with airlines, hotels, etc., or through services like Hotels.com, said Speizman. That changed when the two high school classmates reconnected via Facebook a few years ago. Whenever I would ask travel-related questions on Facebook, she was always the first to answer, and she would have great suggestions, Speizman noticed. I love Facebook. I signed up in early 2008, when I had just moved to Dubai with my husband and infant son, to stay in touch with family and friends in New York, said Damianeas, travel advisor and destination specialist at Hermes Travel, in Astoria, New York.

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